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6 Mar

How to Turn Your Tips Into Real Estate Gold

First-Time Buyers

Posted by: Cody Rowe

Times have changed in Canada.

Serving and bartending are now sought-after positions that can allow the right person to create a career in the restaurant industry with pay similar, if not better than bank advisors, bookkeepers or construction workers

There is one question a lot of servers and bartenders have on their minds….

Is it possible to turn your cash tips, into real estate gold?

This can be difficult for one reason…

Because your tips may fluctuate you are treated like you are self-employed.

Don’t fret though!

That’s why we created this list of “must-do’s” for servers, and bartenders to use when planning for that property purchase….

Tip #1 – Start Claiming Your Tips!

Let’s be honest here.

A LOT of you will not claim your tips as part of your income when tax season comes.

If you want to qualify to buy a home, you need to have PROVEN income to be approved for a mortgage.

The more you make on paper, the more you qualify for.

Now how do you remember what you made each month?

Here’s a simple strategy to stay organized….

  • Buy an agenda, a calendar or download a calendar app
  • Write down what you make in gratuities every shift along with your hours
  • Add up your total tips for each month and write the total at the bottom of each month

Tip #2 – Only Make 2 Deposits a Month

Do you make a lot of small deposits at your bank? Stop that!

Here’s why…

Lenders will confirm your income is by having looking at bank statements to confirm deposits of a steady paycheck.

If you have 10 – 20 deposits a month, this is a nightmare for banks to confirm and appears inconsistent in their eyes.

Here’s a good rule of thumb:

Deposit your tips ONLY when you deposit your paycheck.

Tip #3 – Find Out Your Average Net Gratuity Per Shift.

We want to make your income appear as consistent as possible.

We can do that by calculating your Average Net Gratuity Per Shift and explaining that in your Job Letter.

[Note: If you want to see what that looks like, feel free to download and use our FREE Job Letter for Servers & Bartenders]


Job Letter for Servers & Bartenders

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Speak to your General Manager, and request to have this included in your Job Letter.

Tip #4 – Talk with Your Mortgage Broker BEFORE You’re Ready to Buy

A strong relationship with your Dominion Lending Mortgage Advisor can be one of your most valuable partnerships in real estate.

Set up this relationship early in the process before you start house shopping so you can get started on things like…

  • Fixing blemishes on your credit bureau
  • Establishing better credit history and boosting your score
  • Finding out what you’re pre-approved for.
  • Grants and programs you may be eligible for.
  • Saving for a down payment.

We hope these tips have helped pave a road for you.

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